Sound Quelle - Tarazed

10th Feb 2023

Sound Quelle returns with a magnificent new album - this is 'Tarazed', out on Friday 10th February.

One of Colorize's most prolific and exceptional artists unveils a new album that is guaranteed to capture the ears and hearts of fans the world over. His supreme blend of progressive and deep house sonics is unrivalled and has brought him success in many forms including strong DSP playlist support from the likes of Chill Tracks and Deep House Relax on Spotify and Chill House and Deep House Haven on Apple Music, strong support on radio from the likes of Sirius XM Chill, and he has toured the world over including stops in Amsterdam and London.

'Tarazed', named after the distinctly visible star Gamma Aquilae, follows 2020's 'Trait' and is a remarkable step forward in Sound Quelle's sound. The seventeen tracks that make up 'Tarazed' showcase an immaculate and polished approach to the world of house music as Sound Quelle explores progressive, deep and organic textures with a delicate touch. The album demonstrates a distinct vision from Sound Quelle who brings the tracks together in a cohesive and intentional manner.

Amongst the impressive tracklist are a host of collaborations that inject the album with a liveliness that brings Sound Quelle's unified sonic world to life. He brings in vocalists like Daniel Robinson, Tailor, Dolly Rae, Lauren L'aimant and 88Birds, each of them lifting their records to lofty heights with their impressive performances. He is also joined by producers Jiminy Hop and Jackarta who bring their own expertise to the album in style.

One of the album's strengths is Sound Quelle's willingness to push the boundaries of his sound. Where We Should Be' features an exceptional and unique approach to harmony, on 'Ehho' he incorporates elements of 80's pop into the driving rhythm section, 'Illele-lakele' features masterful and left-field synth work, title track 'Tarazed' is a riveting exploration of the darker and more vigorous side of house music, on 'Luce' he incorporates a breaks influence in the percussion, 'Queen Of The Orchestra' features intricate use of strings, and we're also graced with a stunning stripped version of 'Colours' with Lauren L'aimant.

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