PRAANA & Danni Carra Present 'Moment'

4th Apr 2023

Production duo PRAANA announce their new single 'Moment' with Danni Cara, the first single from their highly anticipated debut album.

Colorize welcomes a brilliant new production 'Moment' on April 12th from PRAANA, the now-revealed Tritonal pairing of producers Chad Cisneros and David Reed. Shaking up the world of melodic house music in remarkable fashion, PRAANA have established their name as a key act on the Colorize record label for the past few years. Not only have PRAANA released magnificent singles via Colorize but they have also produced tracks on Lane 8's imprint, This Never Happened, and saw their tracks go on rotation on Sirius XM Chill.

The first single from PRAANA's forthcoming album on Colorize arrives in all its glory. The duo of Chad and Dave continue to explore new ground and innovate on a record that is sublime in its construction. American vocalist Danni Carra delivers a breathtaking vocal performance and her heartfelt lyrics guide the track forward over a typically exquisite soundscape from PRAANA. Their immaculate synth work is a highlight, alongside effervescent bass and typically pristine sound design. 'Forever is just a moment' is the poignant takeaway from this remarkable next step on PRAANA's musical path.

''So excited for the first single off our upcoming debut LP! It really captures the essence of this project, the present moment. Here and now. Danni Carra's beautiful vocals remind us of the transient nature of our minds, encouraging us to give up fear.''

The single announcement follows the recent unveiling that Tritonal are the pioneers behind the mystery production that is PRAANA. Having kept their identity hidden from fans for since their conception PRAANA have now pulled back the curtain.

Announcing on their Instagram, Tritonal wrote: ''For the last 3 years we've been composing & producing deep melodic music under another moniker, PRAANA! This has given us both time & inner space to curate new music authentically without the expectation or filtration of whatever is thought of as being 'Tritonal worthy' and we've subsequently released around 25 records.

We've had so much fun being able to write music from the refuge of anonymity. PRAANA gives us a home for introspective music which is grounding & centering. It also provides a new artistic outlet to explore more deeply the interconnectedness of music & metaphysics.
We're so thankful for our wonderful team at Colorize Music / Enhanced Music for guiding us over the last few years and so proud of the many artists working with our label - constantly taking inspiration from the outpouring of creativity.

Always able to both maintain relevancy and find ways to push the envelope through surprises such as this, the PRAANA movement continues to trigger curiosity and turn heads in an ever-evolving/diversifying music genre.''

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